Hyperverse Overview

If you fall under the Scholar or Tinker category, this section is for you.
Before we actually start building dapps, it is important to understand what Hyperverse is all about.
Let's understand it using simple analogies. In web2 we use APIs to access services that we don't want to build ourselves. For this hackathon, you must think of Hyperverse as a set of APIs. Here, you build apps that use smart contracts as APIs. So, you don't have to worry about wallets, smart contracts. This concept is known as Smart Contract Composability.
Learn more about Smart Contract Composability
Just like with APIs you use GET and POST methods when you read and write, all of that is made easy for you by using DappStarter.
DappStarter is a tool that allows you to build your web application for blockchain without needing to know anything about the inner workings of the blockchain.
We have created a custom DappStarter repository with Hyperverse capabilities added to it. If you use this repository you can build your submissions for this hackathon. More about this in the next section.