Understanding the Project File Structure

The project has many folders, each of them catering to a specific task. Here’s what the functions of each folder are on a high level.
- packages
- client
- dapplib
- playground
- .gitignore
- flow.json
- lerna.json
- package.json
- precheck.js
- settings.json
As a Hyperhack participant, you will be spending all of your time within the /packages/client folder. In the /packages/client folder, you have the frontend logic for your app. We don’t expect you to change anything in the other folders but we encourage you to look at them! We will get into a lot more detail for this folder in the coming sections.
The /packages/dapplib folder contains all the necessary interactions with the smart modules. As a HyperHack participant, you don’t need to make any changes to this folder. You will only be referencing to the dapplib from within your client.
The /packages/playground folder contains the code of how you can interact with the smart modules using a web-based user interface.