Cloning the Hyperhack repository from Github

As mentioned in the last section, we have created a custom DappStarter repository for the purpose of this hackathon with added capability of Hyperverse in it.


In order to develop and build "My Dapp," the following pre-requisites must be installed:
  • ​Visual Studio Code (or any IDE for editing Javascript)
  • ​NodeJS​
    • To run this project use Node.js version 14
      • To check the version of node you're using, run node -v in your terminal
      • It's helpful to have a node version manager installed, like nvm.
        • Once nvm is installed, you can switch to version 14 by running nvm use 14
  • ​Yarn (DappStarter uses Yarn Workspaces)
  • ​Flow CLI (https://docs.onflow.org/flow-cli/install) (after installation run flow cadence install-vscode-extension to enable code highlighting for Cadence source files)


With this custom repository, you can easily build your submissions for this hackathon!
So, fire up your terminal and clone the repository in a folder of your choice.
$ git clone https://github.com/decentology/hyperhack_1
$ cd hyperhack_1/