Get Started

Before reading this section, make sure you've read this.
Now that you have an idea of what you’re going to do, here’s how you can go about it to get started.
If you are still confused about where to get started, we strongly recommend you to join our office hours and engage with the community. Here's the link to the calendar where you will find all the relevant information to attend the office hours.
In case you miss our office hours, you can also hit us up in our Discord.

Getting started as a Thinker

Now that you're comfortable in identifying yourself a Thinker, you're ready to rock and roll!
As a Thinker, it is key for you to understand what constitutes a web3 app and based upon that you can pitch a refined idea.
A good way to start would be to identify pain-points in the web3 ecosystems and using design thinking techniques to come to a solution.
Make sure you're keeping in mind the Smart Modules that we have made for you to come up with the use-cases. You can read more about the Smart Modules here.

Getting started as a Scholar

As a Scholar, you are well versed with web3. You know the common do's and dont's. You also want to educate other members in the community on how to go about creating dapps using the Hyperverse. The next section of this doc will be helpful with that.
If you are aspiring to be a Scholar, a good place to start would be learning from experience. We strongly recommend you to immerse yourself in the building experience and create content with what comes naturally to you!

Getting started as a Tinker

As a Tinker, you want to immerse yourself in code and create something tangible for everyone to use. The next section of this docs will be a good place for you to start your journey.