Evaluation Criteria

Product Concept:

  • Content on any public platform that demonstrates an understanding of Hyperverse and how to build with it
  • It's interesting, clearly explained, and/or inspirational.
  • Covers a category of our themes (Thinker, Tinker, or Scholar).


  • There's a logical progression from the beginning to the end of the post/video. (Think of it like telling a story. You want a beginning, middle, and an end).
  • Uses headings to create structure.


  • The purpose of the content is clear and interesting.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of Hyperverse and how to build with it.
  • Information is clearly explained and accessible to a broad audience.
    • Jargon is well-defined.
    • If code is included in your post/video, it is accurate and explained.
    • Includes external links and compelling visuals if needed for understanding.
  • Submit as many posts or videos as you want! Each content piece counts as an entry in the competition; just remember, we are looking for quality, not quantity.