Categories of participants

Hyperhack is not just for developers. You can take part and win amazing prizes as long as you have a creative brain! 🧠
There are three categories in which participants can win prizes. You can pick the one that suits you the best. And in case you're not able to decide which category would you like to participate in, no worries, we will help you! Reach out to us in our Discord or hang out with us during the office hours.


A Thinker would create content about the type of Dapp they would build using Hyperverse.
If you are participating as a Thinker, we are specifically looking for innovative dapp ideas you can come up with that use Smart Modules on the Hyperverse. Read more about the Smart Modules here.
This category would be ideal for you if you are a product manager, UI/UX designer, a developer who is just starting out in web3.
Put on your thinking hat and get creative!


A Scholar would create content about how to build dapps for the Hyperverse and best practices for building.
If you are participating as a Scholar, you would go through the building experience. We are specifically looking for your thoughts on your building experience— what are some best practices you learned, were there any obstacles that you had to overcome and if so how did you overcome them.
This category would be ideal for you if you are an architect or a developer.
Put on your advisory hat and write away!


A Tinker would build something cool using the Hyperverse and create content about how you built it.
If you are participating as a Tinker, you would be creating applications on the Hyperverse using the Smart Modules that we have developed for you.
This category would be ideal for you if you are a web2 developer who knows basic JavaScript and has working knowledge of React.
Get into the zone and churn out something awesome!

There is also a fourth category: Ninja

You can't just choose to be a Ninja. You have to compete in any of the above mentioned categories and you can win in this "best of Hyperhack" aka Ninja category.